Graphic Designer

It was my original plan to go to college and become a Web Designer. Surprisingly it wasn't really an option at our community college. There were however some web design classes in the Graphic Design program so I signed up and never looked back.

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Web Designer

I love using the computer as a way to create art. I would classify myself as a Graphic Designer/ Digital Artist, with the ability to create very nice HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap built responsive websites, User Interfaces, widgets, Interactive Web Ads, etc.

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Digital Artist

Basically speaking the bulk of my art is a combination of photograph manipulation, layering techniques, layer effects, coloring and painting. The end product can quite dramatic! My preferred tool for this type of work is Photoshop.

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A Life Long Creative, With a very unique lens on life!

 I have lived a life like few others. Full of adventure and a few mis-adventures. learning many of life's lessons the hard way.

I was once a high school dropout. I am now graduating college with honors. And a GPA of 3.87.
I was once homeless. I am now happily married, live in a beautiful home, and drive a new BMW.

I have worked hard for these achievements in my personal life. I apply the same determination to succeed in my work life. I would love to have the opportunity to work with you and create what you need to make your business succeed as well!

It is my goal to provide the same rock solid, well thought out designs for all jobs big or small. You can count on me to meet all set goals and deadlines in order to bring out the very best in YOUR company!Tim Webb - BadWolf Creative Studioz

How I Roll - In the end, it's all about getting it right!

Professional Graphics

Be it for the web, print or anything in between. My goal is to create the highest quality designs the first time!

Hitting The Mark

I believe in listening closely to a clients vision and then creating it for them. It's what defines me as an artist.

Meeting Deadlines

If your in the design business you have deadlines to meet. Its a part of the job. I believe in meeting them too!

Responsive Design

I use the Bootstrap framework for all of my web design projects. Your site will be mobile friendly from the start!

Clean Organized Code

Sloppy code layout makes life harder for everyone. My code is broken down to named, well commented sections.

Crafted With Love

I love the art of creating. It's been my life's passion. As a musician. As well as a Web and Graphic Designer.