About Me
And the skills I bring to the table

A long time ago. In a galaxy far, far away... Well, it was a long time ago anyway!

 Playing guitar in a Rock -n- Roll band was my life's dream. And I lived that dream until by the age of 35 I had lost 80% of my hearing, and could no longer sing in key or tune a guitar.

Life, it seemed, had other plans for me. It took some time but I eventually found myself in community college, working toward a certification in Web Technologies. This eventually led to a certification in Graphic Design as well.

But a certification is not a degree. I felt having a degree in Web Graphic Design along with my certifications would better serve my clientele or employer! With an exceptional GPA of 3.87. My dedication to seeing the job through is evident.

Photograph © 2013 Tim "BadWolf" Webb